Malaysia tree house. Your secret Nature Retreat Near KL
A getaway that values your privacy above all
Stay in secluded woods & in quietness of nature

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Malaysia tree house located on a hill, in the valleys of the mountain of Titiwangsa Range, Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor, Malaysia

Living side by side with nature in our Treehouse or set up your own tent on hilltop campground. You get both!
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Facilities were well equipped you only need to bring food and toiletries. Had the whole place to ourselves, the campsite is secluded yet just a short walk to the river. A truly unforgettable experience!
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PS: 2D1N is not enough.The customer service is super responsive and helpful throughout the booking. When arriving Atasan Nature, the owner welcomed us with warmth, and share with us the must visit spot arnd atasan! Is definitely an unforgettable experience to have the place all by ourself, where you get to be more connected to the people and nature.I highly recommend atasan nature!
Nurul Huda
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It was a pleasant experience staying at atasan. I love the fact that we have the whole place to ourselves, it's quiet , peaceful and very welcoming.Eventhough the location is in the wild, the amenities were complete with a clean private toilet, a shower and a small kitchen with table and chairs, so we really didn't have to worry much about that. The tree house was the centre of attraction ,view was spectacular and the small river too was as much fun. My kids were enjoying the experience. Thanks to the host for being so friendly and informative. If you want to experience the wild and nature, a place to yourselves and not have to worry bout amenities, this is the place to go to. Overall , great stay and we will definitely come back again
Lee Sok Lay
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A total privacy campsite where you can enjoy your sleep without having kids running around noise or the aunty uncle chitchatting noise early in the morning. You own a river, a toilet and a bathroom by yourself.

They take care their nature and camp cleanliness to the max! Best place to camp with your small group of friend or family.
Nabilah Gandi
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Overall the place was good.The site is spacious. Equipped with basic necessity - mini kitchen space with sink, outdoor shower, toilet & shower, chairs & table, hammock. Less than 5 mins walk to river stream. Treehouse's the highlight! At night we even got to see fireflies.

However, there were a lot of mosquitoes (big ones) and none of us brought any mosquitoes repellent, thank you to Aziz who provided us with ubat nyamuk. At day, it can be super hot, there was no wind at all. So if you're a puteri lilin, you may wanna consider bringing portable fan.

Regardless we enjoyed our one night stay there. πŸ™‚
Hasni Hassan
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The most lovely retreat I've ever visited. The view, the sound, the landscape and every single things in Atasan Nature Retreat was so awesome. The best part is because it's private. It's belongs to you, yourself, and your team on that day. I do really love this idea. πŸ’š
Yan Ee δΈ€εšΏηŸ³astone
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A group of 3 of us stayed here for 2 days and 1 night. Although it is hidden, it is a very safe camp. Very comfortable natural environment, complete facilities (toilet, kitchen, tree house, tables and chairs, campfire area..), water source, no power supply (need to prepare chargers, headlights, etc.).

There is a river and a corner to watch the sunrise at the campsite. It is worth mentioning that the staff is very friendly, whether it is careline or the driver brother, they always help us 😊
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this place is really beautiful. A really strong and brilliant camping cover for my 2021 year. quite complete near here full of activities. you can camp, you can hang out near the treehouse, you can drink and bathe in the cold and fresh spring water, you can also go on a pampered hiking trip to the river. The river is also a beautiful and clean package because from a high point it is so clear that you can see the future. and most importantly, this place is very private because only one group can come at a time.

There's also a sit-down toilet, and there's a bathroom that makes me feel like Angelina Jolie is doing a shampoo commercial. for small children it is very suitable if you want to start exposing camping near people.

the conclusion? you have to come!
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I was great! Can check in at 1230 as there's no guests the day before. The facilities are all okay, my favorite was the toilet (I spent almost 1 hour there πŸ˜‚) If you don't have enough firewood, just quote the dry wood around, it works well, no monkeys but there is a sound of chicken like a tambourine. For me it was not that privacy as near the river there is still another campsite (different owner). So beware what do you want to wear when you go to the shower! It's just my suggestion is better that there is a hut waiting for the 4x4 downstairs, to consider whether it's too hot
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